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 Meet Amy!  Amy came to me just a few months ago after taking a nasty spill on her pool deck leaving her with a nice shiner under both eyes. She confessed, "as you can see I'm very clumsy and I don't know if this place is going to be the right fit for me".  Amy came to us after friends from work recommended Outlaw Fitness to her since she wanted to get into better shape and they knew she would enjoy it.  We started off with some modifications to the exercises in the beginning, but as Amy's body and confidence grew stronger, she soon advanced to the more challenging exercises that she was once afraid to do.  Did I mention how modest and humble Amy is?  During a cool down at the end of a workout, I ask if anyone would like to share how much weight they have lost over the last two weeks.  Amy shyly raised her hand and said, "Only 6 pounds"'  Haha... We all love you Amy!

Now she's UNSTOPPABLE!! Here is Amy's amazing story in her own words:
Hi, I'm Amy.  I work for Findlay Volkswagen in the business office.  Before Outlaw Fitness, I had no energy and was weak. I am a Clumpy person by nature....LOL. But, now I am much more agile.  It's tough at my age (58) to loose weight, but boot camp is making it easier.  I love Outlaw Fitness!
"I have lost 23 pounds, and down one clothing size on my way to the next one!" 
This is the personal story of Cowboy Boot Camp member, Richard.​
​Hello my name is Richard. I work in Sales Administration/Customer Service at Parpro Nevada.
Before I joined the Outlaw Fitness program my lad tests were reading pre-diabetic and my cholesterol level were outside of the normal range.  Also, I had frequent heartburn.  I had a lifetime battle with weight and since I never had a regular exercise or activity schedule> I was out of physical shape.
The challenges were as follows: 
 Mindset- I had to want to do it, your head needs to be in the game.  I thought about my past failures with weight loss and what I needed to do succeed this time. I needed to formulate a plan that would work for me, and I found out that I would make adjustments along the way until I discovered the winning combination.
 Exercise- The Outlaw Fitness is near my home in Henderson, I seen some advertising and my first thought was are you kidding?- the shape I am in I will crash and burn.  Then I would drive by and see the signage in the window - free trial and a program for all fitness levels. Finally, one day I had the courage to walk through the door and talked to Coach Charlie, afterward I thought what am I out by giving it a try?  It was very challenging for me to take that first step and start the program.  Coach Charlie worked with me and modified the program to help me gain confidence and keep going.  There is accountability and structure.  This was the beginning of a life changing journey.
Check out Outlaw Fitness member Linda Cameli's Amazing Transformation Story!
Hello my name is Linda Cameli. I am an Outside Sale Rep for Silver Star Plumbing Drain & Sewer. Before going back to work 9 years ago, I was a stay at home mom with lots of energy. I made fitness a big part of my life. I’ve ran in a few 5ks, a 10k and even a half marathon, I loved to run! I let work take control of my life and slowing stopped working out and was eating all the wrong things.  The weight slowly starting coming on and I would try and to get back to running and working out but didn’t have the energy or the time to do it. A dear friend of mine suggested we give Outlaw Fitness 21 day rapid fat loss program a try, that was in June of 2018. I  started having energy again! I actually saw progress! I absolutely love Outlaw Fitness! The 30 minute workouts are ideal for a busy person like myself and the meal plan is so easy to follow. At 52 years old I’ve got my energy back and I’m even running again. I have lost 21 pounds and 13% body fat so far and I cannot wait to  see the results as I continue my journey back to fitness.
Help me congratulate Maria on her amazing transformation and challenge win! Maria worked very hard in our Fresh Start New Year 6 Week Challenge, and won not only an amazing physical transformation, but BIG screen TV in the process! Here is Maria's story, in her own words:
​I'm really happy I participated in the 6 Week Fresh Start Challenge. I'd been coming to Boot Camp for about 7 months when the challenge started. I was loving boot camp and coming regularly, feeling great, stronger, more energy, sleeping better, but not seeing much change because I was not consistently following my meal plan.
I decided to commit to the challenge, 6 weeks would come and go whether I did it or not and I wasn't going to look worse for trying, right? The meal plans and shopping lists were very specific and that helped me a lot. Meal prep is crucial!
​The recipes were really good and it was fun to make new dishes. The structure, support, accountability and knowing I could have 1-2 cheat meals a week made it do-able. I think I got amazing results.
"By the end of the 6 weeks I was down 22 pounds and ready for the next Challenge." Meet Barbara, and check out her AMAZING story!​
Hello my name is Barbara and I work as an Inventory Manager for a local Honda Dealership. Some girls in my office joined Cowboy Boot Camp and asked me to join with them for the 3 week Groupon. I’ve been overweight most of my life and never followed through on a “Diet” Plan or exercise routine. I agreed to go with them for the 3 weeks and be done. But something just felt right. It was a fun and quick, but effective workout. During the 3 week trial a “Bikini Body” 6 Week Challenge started and I decided to join with some of the girls I worked with. By the end of the 6 weeks I was down 22 pounds and ready for the next Challenge. I’ve been going routinely now for several Months and I have lost 45 pounds! I have a new outlook on life and a few smaller outfits!! Coach Charlie not only coaches us in the workouts, but teaches us how to eat healthier, with some great recipes and encouraging e-mails every day!
"I went from 206LB to 180LB that's great!! Also from size 36 to now a size 31!!!"​  This is the star story of Hugo Olivares.
Hello my name is Hugo, I want to tell you my story about how great this program has been for me.  I am 42 years  old and I have always stayed active I have play soccer almost all my life, but then life and 3 kids happened and you forget about time for yourself.  I started gaining weight and stared to lose my shape. All of the sudden it was hard for me to run at soccer because I felt heavy at games, was getting tired really quick and clothes didn't fit the same anymore and that started to bother me a little bit. It was at my sons Alexander's high school graduation when in one of the pictures I really noticed I didn't like the way I looked. I had rolls in the back of my back, bigger belly bigger cheeks and I was buying bigger sizes of clothes even though I'm not a big size frame guy. For me to buy an size 36 for Jeans was too much and that was my wake up call and decided to start looking for something to get back on track. I did try 1 or 2 diets I went to try some yoga places but wasn't getting the results I wanted. Most the places the classes were too long where after 20 minutes you really were just trying to survive and not to quit the class (that's how felt is really hard to work the same pace for a 1 hour class).  I came across on Facebook with this ad called Outlaw Fitness 30 mins classes high intensity workout and I said why not? let's try this one see how it goes so I signed up for my FREE TRYOUT CLASS and I loved it! It was just the right place for me so of course I signed up for the month. My weight was 206LB and this is the best program I could have found with 30 minutes classes getting all your body worked out in a nice friendly environment Charlie is the best coach who let's you go at your own pace first then when he knows you can do more he is always there to push you and encourage you to keep going. I went from 206LB to 180LB that's great!! Also from size 36 to now a size 31!!! I feel great and I try to never miss a class and everybody has 30 minutes for themselves at least I think everybody should have 30 minutes to get back in shape.. I really love Outlaw Fitness! try it you wont regret is the right place with really nice and friendly people working out everyday setting their goals and getting them done!!! Thank you coach Charlie.
"I joined Cowboy Boot Camp and fell in love with the classes! I reached my all time lowest weight of 187 and felt great! My clothes fit, I was happy and life was good!​" We are so Lucky here at Cowboy Boot Camp to have Stacy Back!
Hi my name is Stacy Garrard and here’s my story... I’m 37 years old and have been heavy all my life. I remember going on my first “diet” when I was in 4th grade. My mom had bought be a new pair of jeans and they didn’t fit so I came up with a plan to diet and do the Sweating to the Oldies by Richard Simmons tapes. That was the start of the very long, difficult journey of weight loss.  I moved to Vegas in 2006 after I was married and packed on 100 pounds the first 10 years of my marriage. I tried every diet during this time and would have little success but nothing stuck. I had 4 kids and the weight just piled on. I was miserable.  In January 2015 I had gastric sleeve surgery weighing 327 pounds. It was a tough decision but I knew I had to do it. I know there are many controversial opinions on this topic but it is what I chose and it worked for me. I lost 90 pounds the first 9 months after the surgery. I was thrilled but I still wasn’t at my goal weight. I knew my sleeve had done what it was designed to do and the rest was going to be up to me. I started working out and made sure to eat right. I finally started to lose weight again. I completed my first triathlon and ran my first half marathon! It was awesome!  I joined Cowboy Boot Camp and fell in love with the classes! I reached my all time lowest weight of 187 and felt great! My clothes fit, I was happy and life was good!  However, due to my work schedule changing, I quite camp and started to eat really terrible. I have since gained back some of the weight and I am feeling it and showing it. I am looking forward to the next 6 week challenge so I can get back to where I need to be. Luckily my work schedule will be changing December 31st, and I will be able to come back!  I am lucky because I have the sleeve to use but at this point, it comes down to my choices in food and my exercise. I have set a goal to lose 40 lbs!  I look forward to
"I am now weighing in at 130, replacing the 176 I’d started at." Cowboy Boot Camp member Barbara!​
So, i’m the Barb & I’ve just marked my 76th birthday!  Lots of mixed feelings occur with these getting older symptoms: for example, having been relatively slim & trim for almost all my life, ‘suddenly’ I’m packing some approx 46 + pounds of pudge; & if that isn’t enough lousy news I was very recently diagnosed with breast cancer cells, non-aggressive, treatable, but no less scary; blood pressure issues, pre plus actual high diabetic counts, were now part of my health profile, of which included less energy, clothes that I still liked wearing getting smaller, seams struggling to stay together, etc.  Going totally out of control on a go-fatty train ~ something had to be done for sure, sooner the better!  So I unexpectedly met our Coach Charlie & he steadily started teaching me the ways & means of a healthier, slimmer, thinner, fitter body.  Not a quick process but the high intensity training is very effective & gets easier, more fun & actually enjoy- able ~ who would ever have thought that ~ workouts are fun now!  Who could believe this?
Recently the visiting nurse came by to check my stats & several times she commented on the lower figures; she was thrilled at the general reduction of all the counts.  She also said I really don’t realize all the good I’m doing myself with the consistent workouts, the improved diet effort, the walking which I now average from 10,000 - 14,000, tho not every single day.  The other medical folks were also smiling, dancing $ generally quite thrilled
I am now weighing in at 130, replacing the 176 I’d started at.  I’m wearing skinny
 workout gear & getting a big kick out of that; just a few months ago I never would have worn tight & revealing garb.
Correct diet is still my Waterloo & for me probably the hardest challenge of the whole program.  I still want to eat lots of high carb foods & sometimes I do cave in full-well knowing I’ll have to get back to my Outlaw Fitness to work off those insidious calories!

"Let's just say I lost 56 total pounds during the 9 week challenge!  No one even came close!"​ Check out my TRANSFORMATION story!
Hi Coach Charlie here, and this is my TRANSFORMATION story!  Fitness was always a large part of my life ever since I was a kid growing up.  That commitment eventually grew into a competitive body building career in my early 20's competing, and winning a World title in natural bodybuilding.  I soon moved on to Las Vegas after getting recruited by the Chippendales in which I performed in their show for several years.  After my show days were through, I found myself taking a job where my physical appearance was no longer a priority, and found myself slowly loosing my fitness passion and eventually climbing to a weight of 249 pounds! After a hard look at where my life was at and feeling disgusted with myself, I decided I needed to make a change, and rekindle the fire I once had with fitness and make a change.
I found a before and after contest, and use that as motivation to get myself back into top shape.  The contest I was doing was a company only suggesting that we only take their supplements and not exercise in order to loose weight!  LOL, needless to say, that's not how it works.  I put together my own diet plan (no supplements), and designed a training program around (a then little unknown training technique called HIIT) that I used to prepare for my last bodybuilding competition so many years back.  Did I win the contest?  Let's just say I lost 56 total pounds during the 9 week challenge!  No one even came close!
I embarked on the Ardyss challenge with Charlie in 2012 we were both ready for a healthy change in our lives. When we began I was determined to listen to the Ardyss people telling me to take their products and only raise my heart rate 10 minutes a day. 3 weeks in and only ounces in weight loss I was frustrated and Charlie already had lbs off. So I started listening to Charlie and on his direction and advice the inches and lbs started dropping off. Of course Charlie was the big winner in the challenge:) but because of Charlie I lost 27 lbs and more inches than anyone in the challenge.
Since then it has been a journey. I quit smoking in 2018 and rose to 199 lbs. Thanks to Charlie's advice since March of 2019 I just weighed in at
 148 lbs today with only 13 lbs to my goal weight. And, he was successful helping me 2000 miles apart. Thank you Charlie for being an AWESOME trainer and freind.
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